January 8, 2013

In order to streamline my life, I am going to move A Picture A Day over to my main blog, BlueSkies.  A Picture A Day will be a feature of that blog. I will be importing past blog posts over to BlueSkies gradually, so this site will stay up for a while yet.  Thanks and see you over at BlueSkies!

November 16, 2012

Great morning at book club today.  From one middle grade fiction book we learned about immigration, the Charleston, Jazz, Jewish foods, Jewish traditions, Langston Hughes, and American history!

Then we raced across to the other Twin City and took in a tour of the Terra Cotta warriors at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  Great day!!

November 13, 2012

HiSci today with some of our friends.  Loved how they were so focused on what M. was doing in the top picture and how amazed they were by the results of the experiment just a second later.

October 26, 2012

AH (Right) and a friend at AH's sister's wedding.  AH was a groomsman!  He loved wearing the tux!

October 24, 2012

We attended a performance of Huck Finn at Stages Theatre Company in Hopkins, MN with a group of friends. AH wasn't thrilled about the book...probably the only kid in America that didn't enjoy it!

October 12, 2012

We hung out at our favorite coffee shop to do some math, some reading and some online research.  We were so surprised to see one of Minnesota's U.S. Senators walk in and order a drink!  She was gracious enough to come over and talk with us and to let us take a picture with her!  What a fun, unexpected experience for both of us.  Of course, AH was more excited about talking to her driver/security man than in the Senator herself!!  Thank you, Senator Klobuchar, for taking time to talk with us!!